Monday Momspiration – You got this



Mondays are tough. Mondays after a holiday are even tougher. You have to get up, look presentable (preferably in something clean that matches), get the kids up, fed, dressed and in the car, deal with a meltdown because your toddler wanted her white puppy, not her pink bunny, and try to remember your work bag, laptop, car keys and anything else you need for the day. Once you finally pry your screaming child off your leg and slink guiltily out the daycare door, you have to go to work and act like an adult.

It’s times like this that it’s important to remember that your kid’s class is full of parents doing the exact same thing as you. So, get a cup of coffee, sit down at your desk and breathe. You got this.


A case for commuter flats


I saw an extremely chic mom walking with her toddler the other day in the parking lot of a shopping center. She was wearing a black skirt suit and a pair of fabulous patent leather platform heels that I would die for. Until her toddler took off running and she bit it right there in the parking lot. She didn’t just trip. She face planted on the pavement right in front of Chick-fil-a. With one hand clutching her toddler’s ankle and the other reaching for her purse, she picked herself up and hurried into the restaurant. Let’s face it, if we have children who are walking (ahem, running) then we know what it’s like to race off after them in the most dramatic fashion with a crowd of on-lookers. I can’t carry P, her bottle bag, car seat and my own purse while teetering around in high heels – especially over the cobblestones of downtown Richmond! Whether your commute is 10 feet or 10 blocks, there’s usually a good reason to change into flats after hours. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite styles for your shopping inspiration. Enjoy!

 These lightweight ballet flats from Old Navy come in several pairs and are perfect for summer.

The price is right for the Madeline Ballet Flat from Target.

The Michael Kors Fulton Moc is an investment. If you wear them a lot, buy one in a professional tan, black and brown and another in hot pink or tangerine. Sold here at Macy’s.