About Dad’s Take

We have been known to spin our wheels trying to understand exactly what the fathers of our children are thinking. Whether one of you stays at home or you’re in a dual-working household, sometimes men and women just speak different languages.

Coming soon, one brave dad will do his part to bridge the communication gap, especially when it comes to raising kids.

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About Mom’s Night Out


Wouldn’t you love to sit around for an hour with your best mommy friends and talk over a glass of wine? Who has time for that? Mom’s Night Out is an opportunity to ask a few different mom’s their opinion on a single topic. For example, if we want to know how moms found their pediatrician, we’d ask a few different moms that question and then post their response here as if we’ve all sat around chatting over a glass of Cabernet.

Send your question to rebecca.r.mcnamara@gmail.com.

Who are women who make it work?

When I first came back to work after having a baby, I spent a lot of time asking other women for advice. Where did you pump? How did you find clothes that fit your new body? Do you leave early every time daycare calls? How does your boss feel about working in the evening if you do have to leave early?

Questions like those filled my brain. Fortunately, if there’s one thing I learned about new mothers, it’s that they are more than happy to talk to you about their experiences. In that spirit, I began formally interviewing women I admire and who I thought might have some advice to share.

Do you have a story of your own to share, or know someone who should share theirs? Email me at rebecca.r.mcnamara@gmail.com.

About the author


My name is Rebecca McNamara. I am a working mom in Richmond, Va. who is addicted to coffee, shoes and books. During the day (and sometimes night) I am the editor of an online employee and retiree magazine for a large corporation. When I came back to work from maternity leave, I wrote an editorial about my experience giving in to motherhood and, thanks to encouragement from friends, colleagues and family, I decided to start this blog. Its goal is to, first – be real, and second – be helpful. In this spirit, I’m writing about other women who make it work.