Free template: Meal Planning

IMG_2521I’m lucky to have a husband who enjoys culinary exploration. He’s usually the grocery shopper and chef. But he’s also an “I’ll just see what inspires me at the Farmer’s Market” kind of guy. I need a plan. And a list. Also, you can’t buy Cheezits at the Farmer’s Market and nothing keeps my toddler calm during post-work errands than a handful of cheesy crackers.

I needed an easy way to plan out our meals for the week. We keep things pretty loose around here and we rarely stick to the plan exactly as laid out, but having a few ideas helps me avoid the 3 p.m. panic at work when I realize I have no idea we are going to eat for  dinner or what’s  in our freezer.


I like big mugs and I can not lie.

Getting up early is kind of my thing. On Sunday mornings, I take a giant cup of coffee into the living room, tuck my feet under me on the couch and plan out our meals for the week. Some of my friends have Blue Apron and they RAVE about it. I think I’ll ask one of them to post a review of it on the blog for those of you considering it.

For now, I’m sharing the simple meal planning worksheet I threw together, in the hope that it may help you keep the crazy in check. It’s not fancy, but it gets the job done. I keep blank worksheets in a notebook in our family command center and when it’s filled in, I post it in our kitchen.

Download it here: What to eat this week.

Happy planning!



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