How to create a family command center


I wouldn’t say I’m the most organized person. In fact, when asked to describe me in three words or less, “organized” is probably way down on the list of words my friends or family would use. However, when my daughter started daycare, I quickly realized I needed a better system of keeping my life, and hers, in order.

A quick internet search turns up a mile-long list of ideas, from the elaborate, custom-built hutch, to a simple tabbed notebook, you can find just about anything.

I use a desk organizer on our kitchen counter and keep it stocked with a notepad with built-in clipboard where I store my weekly meal-planner sheets and my daughter’s daily daycare forms. I also stash my planner and grocery list with a pen, a sharpie and my toddler’s vitamins.

To make your life a little easier I’ve rounded a few of my favorite options from across the web.


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