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My name is Rebecca McNamara. I am a working mom in Richmond, Va. who is addicted to coffee, shoes and books. During the day (and sometimes night) I am the editor of an online employee and retiree magazine for a large corporation. When I came back to work from maternity leave, I wrote an editorial about my experience giving in to motherhood and, thanks to encouragement from friends, colleagues and family, I decided to start this blog. Its goal is to, first – be real, and second – be helpful. In this spirit, I’m writing about other women who make it work.



Monday Momspiration – Kids are like VISA


Sometimes it’s a blessing. When you’ve had a tough day, thinking about your toddler’s silly laugh makes you smile. Sometimes it can be painful when you realize she’s hitting milestones and you’re working on a deadline rather than watching her eat grilled cheese for the first time. Good or bad, we carry our children in our hearts wherever we go; they’re everywhere we want to be.